Medicated Baths
Does your dog need medicated Baths? Doggie Spa on Wheels can help! Simply give us a call and tell us what your loved one needs.
Hand Drying
At Doggie Spa on Wheels, we use hand drying to save your pet the experience of loud, scary hair dryers.
Scissor Finishing
Grooming and pet decour at Doggie Spa on Wheels is the best of its kind. Our attention to detail always allows us to find the look your pet deserves.
Dog Sitting
Does your busy lifestyle leave your pet alone for extended periods of time? Worry not! Doggie Spa on Wheels also provides Dog Sitting Services. Let us give your loved ones the company and care they deserve, whilst letting them enjoy all the hours of fun canine companionship entails!
Dog walking Available
Are you far away from home all day? Have you had an accident that inhibits you from your relaxing strolls with your pet? Don’t worry, our walkers can help! Simply let us know your pet’s favorite walking hour and we’ll schedule their daily walks. It’s a sad world being home all day, Doggie Spa on Wheels, also available on foot!